Just a penny per email!

No hidden fees. One simple membership. Monthly billing. Cancel any time.


Toofr Membership

No strings | Cancel any time
  • Membership Cost
  • $29 per month
  • Includes 2,900 credits (a $29 value!)
  • Extra Credits Cost
  • $0.01/ea (for extra credits beyond the included 2,900)
  • Included Membership Features
  • Only pay for extra credits when you need them
  • Mailserver checks every time
  • The best company name to email domain conversions
  • API access and support
  • Bulk import and export
  • Phone, email, and chat support
Stripe What's with the membership?

The membership is a low flat monthly minimum charge which we need in order to keep paying the bills. Included in the membership is 2,900 credits, which not coincidentally is worth $29. So that means either you're getting your membership for free or you're getting the credits free. You decide!

What's a credit?

A credit is used whenever you do use Toofr to get emails, verify emails, or get new prospects. It's the unit of measure here on Toofr.

What other costs are there?

None! It's just credits and each month you'll start with 2900 of them. You won't be charged more than $29 unless you use up those credits and need to buy extra.

How often will I be charged?

The membership is charged immediately and the additional credits are charged at the end of your billing cycle. We will invoice you for both the next month's membership and the previous month's extra credits in one combined invoice.

Why do you do it this way instead of tiered monthly subscriptions?

It just feels better. We used to be like every other email finder app and have several monthly plans, each with a different cost and credit count and make you do the math to figure out which one's the best deal. And you then might purchase too many credits and feel bad for wasting them. Metered billing (that's what our deal is technically called) means you only pay for what you use. Nifty, right?

All Plans Come With

  • Our super secret email finding technology
  • Email validation to prevent bounces
  • 24/7 access to your data
  • Fanatical customer phone support
  • Toofr API access and documentation
  • Access to millions of emails in our database
  • Monthly newsletter with great tips
  • Constant website updates and feature releases
  • Free conversion of company names to domains
  • Import and export for bulk processing
  • Upgrade and downgrade any time
  • Google Chrome extension