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Toofr's prospecting tool makes the task of searching for people by title or company, importing their data into a spreadsheet, and finding their emails amazingly easy.

  • Beyond our database. When you use our prospecting tool, we actually go out to the worldwide web to find your prospects. You aren't limited to an internal database.
  • No domain? No problem. Toofr is the best at looking up domains from company names.
  • Emails included. After finding your prospect, we'll use our best-in-class tools to find their email addresses.
  • Included in every plan. No special subscription is required! Every customer gets to use this powerful prospecting tool.
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What Makes Toofr Different?

There are a lot of email finding apps out there. If you've found Toofr then you've no doubt found the other ones too. Toofr is better and here's why: we always test mailservers and we're the best at converting company names to email domains.

Let's look at Hunter

On the right, you'll see what happens when you guess a fake email address in Hunter. Their Finder feature offers the same functionality, in theory, as Toofr's Finder tool.

But there's one huge difference!

Hunter returns gibber@hunter.io and gives it an 83% score. This is obviously wrong.

Next, let's see what happens when we run that email address through their verifier.

When you run gibber@hunter.io through Hunter's Verifier tool you get a different story. It says the email address is risky. There's no more 83% score. You might feel confused, even lost.

This is because Hunter doesn't do mailserver tests with its Finder. In effect, they're cheating.

If you want to know the difference between Toofr and Hunter, this is it.

Okay, so now let's try AnyMailFinder.

AnyMailFinder, to their credit, gets it right. They figured out that Gibber Ish doesn't work at Hunter. They return an email address but acknowledge it's merely a pattern match which yields about a 30% bounce rate.

The problem is there's no detail, no scoring, and no way to test one-off other emails.

There's no equivalent to Toofr's Test feature in AnyMailFinder.

So what does Toofr do differently?

Let's see!

Toofr, like AnyMailFinder and unlike Hunter, determines that Gibber Ish is not a good prospect. Toofr's confidence score is less than half Hunter's.

Unlike Hunter, Toofr runs a sophisticated email verification process on every email address.

Furthermore, when you run that best guess through Toofr's Checker tool, it comes back with an even lower score. This is because without the first and last name, Toofr can't run a pattern score on it.

Toofr validates emails with over 95% accuracy

Verify with confidence

Toofr has been in the email business for a long time and has learned the best techniques to verify and validate email addresses with ease. Our technology is unmatched in the industry.

Email validation is super fast

Email validation takes less than one second in most cases even with our multiple tests and checks. Run thousands of emails with lightning fast results.

Bulk processing for email verification

Import CSV files to verify and validate your email addresses. You'll be able to track the progress of your upload and Toofr will email when you when it's ready.

Validate emails via API

Use Toofr's email validation API to build email verification directly into your application or CRM.

Inexpensive email testing

Our pricing is lower than the competition. Plus, you can use your Toofr credits to guess emails and get emails from any domain on the web in addition to testing and validating emails.

Invite the team to our enterprise plan

Share the email testing feature among your colleagues! You can invite any registered Toofr user to your own Toofr buffet.

Batch import a spreadsheet for bulk email guessing

Bulk uploading for faster processing

Just compile a spreadsheet and upload it. All paid plans include bulk uploading for fast and efficient batch processing.

  • Bulk process emails by uploading a CSV file with the first name, last name, and company name, and include any other data like CRM keys. Toofr will pass that data through to the export.
  • Toofr process at an industry-leading rate of about 500 records per hour.
  • Upload multiple files at once and Toofr will queue them for you.
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Use our Chrome extension to guess emails anywhere

Google Chrome extension for even more email finding convenience

Look up an email address without leaving the page that you're on! Toofr's Google Chrome extension allows you to guess emails from LinkedIn profiles, articles, directories and more.

  • Convenient option to run later so you can quickly build your list.
  • Included for all users.
  • Automatically find the website from the company name.
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