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Verify Emails and Check Emails For Any Business

Don't guess emails with a spreadsheet

Find email addresses

Toofr finds business email addresses using just first and last names and company name or website. It uses millions of business email patterns and mail server results to give you accurate email addresses every time.

  • No domain? No problem. Toofr is the best at looking up domains from company names.
  • Get multiple emails. Toofr gives you the best email and all the runners up.
  • Send with confidence. Toofr uses multiple sources to find the right email, including email patterns and mail server tests.
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Batch import a spreadsheet for bulk email guessing

Bulk uploading for faster processing

Just compile a spreadsheet and upload it. All paid plans include bulk uploading for fast and efficient batch processing.

  • Bulk process emails by uploading a CSV file with the first name, last name, and company name, and include any other data like CRM keys. Toofr will pass that data through to the export.
  • Toofr process at an industry-leading rate of about 500 records per hour.
  • Upload multiple files at once and Toofr will queue them for you.
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Use our Chrome extension to guess emails anywhere

Google Chrome extension for even more email finding convenience

Look up an email address without leaving the page that you're on! Toofr's Google Chrome extension allows you to guess emails from LinkedIn profiles, articles, directories and more.

  • Convenient option to run later so you can quickly build your list.
  • Included for all users.
  • Automatically find the website from the company name.
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Our goal is to be the best email finder

Cancel anytime

We made it as easy to cancel as it is to upgrade. In fact, you can downgrade plans in the middle of the month and we'll pro-rate your fees! Sales is hard. We designed Toofr to be easy.

Use the company name or website

Only have the name of the company, not the website? While our competitors will only take websites, we'll take your company names too and find the website for you. It's like magic!

Verify emails

Got emails? We'll take your emails and give you back a confidence score, built from multiple sources, including our own database of millions of contacts and domain patterns.

Send with confidence

Given the name and company of your contact, Toofr builds its own special confidence score from a variety of sources. We model the signals and use our algorithm to predict the email with the lowest likelihood of bouncing.

Take the pattern with you

If you have a list of domains, we'll even give you the best pattern, so you can go on building emails on your own. Why are we so generous? We don't know! Maybe it just feels good.

Invite the team to our enterprise plan

Split the cost of our enterprise plans among your colleagues! You can invite any registered Toofr user to your own Toofr buffet. Be careful, though. Your friends and coworkers might steal all your credits.

Toofr Is The Preferred Email Finder For Thousands Of Companies

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Toofr has changed the game for our outreach program. It's truly an amazing and essential tool that should be a part of any modern sales and/or marketing stack.
Zack onisko
Zack Onisko
VP of Growth at Hired

I recommend toofr to any sales and marketing organization looking to enhance their contact data.
Brendan flanigan
Brendan Flanigan
Founder & CEO at SmarkLabs
We use Toofr to programmatically discover thousands of email addresses. Our sales team also uses it every day to speed up their prospecting process. Thanks Ryan and the Toofr team!
Vitaly levit
Vitaly Levit
Growth Architect at 1-Page
Toofr is a MUST HAVE for any business development or sales person's arsenal. It helps me connect with the people I'm trying to reach. I highly recommend it!
Scott britton
Scott Britton
Business Development at SinglePlatform
Toofr lowers my bounce rate and saves my outsourcers tons of time. It's my sales secret weapon.
Max altschuler
Max Altschuler
Founder & CEO at
Toofr saves us between 30 and 40 hours of manual research every week depending on the number of people we are researching (normally about 1,000 per week). Bottom line: Toofr is a great value for the service it provides, highly recommended.
Kyle coleman
Kyle Coleman
Business Development at Looker

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